Saturday, October 4, 2008

Circle Lord Water Template

"I'm always looking for a fast and easy design for the quilts sent that say "you choose", or the kids quilts that need pretty even quilting to survive. Well, I wasn't sure I was going to like this design when I first saw it, but I really do like it a lot. It was every bit as fast and easy as the CL Clamshell for those of you that have that one. You don't even have to be exactly precise in lining up the next row as this one is very forgiving. The overall design is very flowing and easy to the eye. CL has done it again with this one. This pattern is going to be on quite a few Christmas quilts. ;):D " Carol Lyon

I was sewing the pattern at a show and the fabric was advanced on me. I kept sewing and ended up with the pattern below. One lady came by and said, "Oh, look, Lily pads." The advance is about 1/3rd inch.

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Water Template used on quilt by Marjorie Mansell. You can see the quilting, by enlarging the picture. Below is a close-up showing both the single pattern Water and the echo advance. Kay did the quilting of the echo from front using the Push Button system. Enlarge to see detail.

Close-up of Echo
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Halloween and Spiders by Georgene - Pieced by Deb

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See more of Georgene's work on her Webshots


                   King 3 Sections 132"

                  Queen 2+1/2 Sections 112"

For Mid and Long Arm Machines
Pattern is 12 inches high

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